Richard Lowe is a producer, director and editor.  Having worked for all the major broadcasters in the UK he came to the US in 1999 and since then has accumulated a diverse range of credits in documentary film and television.  As an editor, Richard has cut everything from museum installations to feature documentaries.  Dealing with subject matter as disparate as migrant farm workers, video game fanatics and Palestinian soccer players.  Documentaries such as Valley of Tears, Bang The Machine and Goal Dreams have played in renowned Film Festivals around the world and have aired on PBS and Sundance Channel.

In 2003 Richard edited Imagining America, a two-hour special for PBS about American art and culture in the twentieth century.  In 2009 he edited Schmatta, Rags To Riches, a feature length documentary about the garment industry, globalization and the wider American economy for HBO. In 2010 he edited Triangle, Remembering The Fire, a film about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, also for HBO – which will aired on the 100th anniversary of the fire in March 2011.

In 2004 Richard began a long and fruitful association with VH1. He was one of the directors of VH1’s award-winning series And You Don’t Stop: 30 years of Hip Hop.  That was followed in 2006 by The Drug Years, which won both the Cine Golden Eagle and a Telly Award.  In  2006 he directed and produced VH1’s Sex: the Revolution a multi-part series documenting the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s.